Shoe Ideas For Groom
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Ideas for Groom’s Wedding Shoes by Suit Color


The groom usually lets the bride have all the attention at the wedding, but everyone likes to look at themselves in the mirror and see how handsome they are on their wedding day. When almost all of the outfit is properly chosen, many grooms forget to plan for one often overlooked essential: The Shoes.

Choose your Shoes properly, as it is the first thing that people note in a person.


✓  Navy Blue Suits

  = Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown / Burgundy

Blue is a neutral color that blends well across the spectrum. Black shoes for more formal look. Can choose brown shoes if the suit is a dark, deep blue. You can also try burgundy colored shoes to draw the eye naturally to the feet.


✓  Light/Medium Grey Suits

   = Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown / Burgundy

Light-grey suits are great to pair with almost any shoe you like, but we recommend going with black wedding shoes for a classic and stylish look.


✓  Dark/Charcoal Grey Suits

  = Matching Shoe Colors: Black / Brown

When it comes to charcoal grey suits, your best bet will be sticking to black leather shoes, although burgundy could work for a classic look.


✓  Khaki and Brown Suits

  = Matching Shoe Colors: Brown / Burgundy

You are best off pairing your brown or khaki suit with a pair of burgundy shoes to get the contrast you need to make your feet pop apart.


✓  Black Suits & Tuxedos

  = Matching Shoe Colors: Black

Nothing pairs better with black pants than a pair of black shoes.