Wedding Checklist
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Wedding Checklist

Your Wedding is undoubtedly the most important and awaited day of your life. And while it triggers huge excitement, the responsibility of organizing everything on time is always a cause of concern. To make it much easier for you to handle multiple things, we have split up the wedding checklist into multiple parts. If you have a very long time before the wedding, this post would be very much useful. If not, follow our near future posts to find out how things can be done within a short span of time and also with different checklist options ranging over a period of time.


Here, we will see the list of items that need to be ticked 6-12 months before your D-Day.

6-12 months before the wedding


1. Decide your Budget

The biggest concern in most of the cases, remains to be the budget. How much to spend, when & where to spend, are some of the questions that need your utmost attention in the initial phase of planning your wedding. Hence, it’s important to close the budget before you begin to tick off anything else.


2. Finalize the Guest list

Think of an approximate number of guests you would want to have before you start with the list. Tick off the names whose absence on your wedding would definitely make a difference, and make sure you include them in the final list.


3. Wedding Venue Selection

Consider the important factors such as location, space, ambience, and the size of the venue, whilst keeping in mind the approximate number of guests attending the ceremony.


4. Choose the Caterer

A wedding day is considered a huge success if the food tastes good. So it is very vital to choose the best caterer for the wedding.


5. Hiring Wedding Planner (If Required)

While most of us love planning our own wedding, some of us like to lie back and relax. In the latter case, it’s best to hire a wedding planner who can take care of the checklist for the wedding, and organize everything as per your need.


6. Checking latest trends

This is the best time to put your foot down, grab a seat, and research about everything that’s happening around.


7. Browse Outfit pics

You can choose and collect wonderful outfit ideas. There are more dresses that need to be worn for various occasions. So it is better to make a collection of different kinds of outfits for different events for your wedding.


8. Collect Decor Ideas

The decor setup would make a person more relaxed as well as discomfort. So it is also important to have a wonderful decor, in order to create a good ambience for your guests. Hence, browse the different setups in place and keep a good collection of it, so that you can choose a perfect one that would fit in after deciding the venue of your wedding.